Couperose is a pathology affecting cheeks, cheekbones and nose linked to an abnormal dilation of capillaries and venules with a tendency to accentuate with exposure to heat and / or cold or after meals; sometimes its position reminds the ‘butterfly wings’.

Couperose is a phase of rosacea due to the continuous repetition of reddening episodes of some parts of the face that in time leads to a modification and weakening of the wall of the vases that make themselves more visible.

Couperose is frequently found in patients predisposed to capillary fragility and often present a dry and easily irritable skin with preponderance in the female over 30 years.

The capillary fragility present in patients with Couperose can be constitutional or acquired and is the basis on which various factors act, such as the excess of alcohol, vitamin C and PP deficiency, the prolonged cortisone therapy, the change in climatic temperature, the exposure to sun or cold as well as wind; this also explains why Couperose is often found in people who perform particular work activities such as the farmer or the sailor.



Habits of Life:

it is necessary to adopt a healthy diet avoiding foods that can make couperose evolve (for example avoiding alcohol, coffee, chilli etc …) and prefer foods with high content of vitamin C and PP. It is also advisable to cleanse the skin with neutral soaps, avoid the direct application of perfumes, protect the skin with dedicated products and avoid the use of overly aggressive cosmetics.




La Couperose has LASER as the treatment of choice. Laser treatment is an outpatient procedure whose duration varies according to the area to be treated but generally does not go beyond 30 minutes. In most cases 1-2 sessions are necessary to have a clearly visible improvement of the picture but there are not infrequent patients in which it needs further and each session is carried out not earlier than 30-40 days from the previous one.

After the treatment a healing and moisturizing cream is applied for about 20 days trying to avoid traumatism of the treated areas (for example drying the face by dabbing and not rubbing), using neutral detergents and avoiding the direct application of perfumes as well as the use of aggressive cosmetic products. A high sun screen is always necessary and if small scabs appear after the Laser treatment, there is no need to worry because they will fall down (it is important not to remove them!).



the products used to prevent the deterioration of the couperose contain molecules that act on the wall of the capillaries favoring a restoration of their elasticity. They therefore have decongestant, soothing properties, often contain a sunscreen and are excellent as a basis for makeup.